We bake it. We ship it. You enjoy it! From kneading the dough to drizzling the icing, we have a passion for bringing you New Orleans-style King Cakes, no matter where you are. Choose from traditional, filled and sugar free. Two day and next day shipping is available.

To Order, Call 504-834-8216

Filled King Cakes in Small or Medium:

• Cinnamon
• Strawberry
• Apple
• Lemon
• Blueberry
• Chocolate
• Praline
• Cream Cheese
• Strawberry and Cream Cheese
• Blueberry and Cream Cheese
• Chocolate and Cream Cheese
• Praline and Cream Cheese

Sugar-Free King Cakes in Small:

• Cinnamon
• Apple
• Lemon
• Cherry

2-Day Shipping Rates:

• Small King Cake | Plain $46.99 | Filled $52.99
• Medium King Cake | Plain $51.99 | Filled $61.99

Shipping rates include the King Cake, shipping, a Mardi Gras cup, a handout on the history of king cakes, and Mardi Gras Beads (if available).

Next Day Shipping

• Available for an additional $10