Lent is over but plant-based meals are here to stay. In fact with Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I have a recipe that will give you and your family something to taco-bout especially in light of the KIHD study (Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study).

Lesson number one

Listen up men if you want to live longer. The KIHD study followed over 2600 men ages 42-60 for 20 years while tediously analyzing their diet. After twenty years they analyzed the associations of dietary protein and protein sources while extensively controlling other lifestyle factors and dietary habits. The results showed that men whose higher overall intake of dietary protein from meat had a 23% greater risk of death during the follow-up than men whose intake of meat was less than 100 grams a day.

Lesson number two

Trust me you are not giving up anything when you eat my plant-based menu items. And just so you know, I have been taste-testing my recipes with strict meat eaters to get their “take” on my plant-based recipes. I’ve converted several people who thought they needed the “meat-on-the-bone” to make a meal complete.

Lesson number three

Dorignac’s Food Center (DFC) is carrying a fabulous gastronomic and nutritionally sound meal replacement called Beyond Meat.

FYI: Not all meat replacements are healthy. For example, recently there is a craze called the Impossible Burger hitting the restaurant scene in California. This burger is a new wave of genetically engineered food that literally bleeds and sizzles. Yes, it may taste like a hamburger, bleed like a hamburger and seem like a hamburger when you bite into it, but when you digest the protein, the soybean roots break down into 46 different proteins of undetermined safety. That is an allergy disaster just waiting to happen. Even the FDA questions its safety. I give the Impossible Burger thumbs down! I give the Beyond Meat products thumbs up!!


Lesson number four

The point of using F.A.M.E. (i.e., Food as Medicine Experience) is to give the taste buds what they want, the human cells the nourishment they need while producing therapeutic effects to your metabolism and your master genes.

Lesson number five

I’ve perfected my black bean-cruciferous tacos with Beyond Meat Chicken. Of course, with DFC’s F.A.M.E. recipes, it’s not just about switching over to plant-based proteins and call it a healthy meatless day. Rather, I’ve strategically loaded up my recipes with a minimum of 10 plant-based foods and a minimum of five plant pigments with specific vegetables and cooking procedures designed to turn on your master gene NRF2 while tapping down your inflammatory master gene, NFkB. In addition, I always want to mind your gut microbiome (i.e. GM), so I seed your GM by topping each taco with a pinch of our local Cultured Guru’s Kimchi, and then feed your gut microbiome with the amped-up plant fiber content. Finally and most importantly, since I too am from the famous culinary city of New Orleans, I’m so tuned into your savvy taste buds to give you a Cinco de Mayo meal that you can taco-bout. Let me know what you think!!


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2 responses to “Is Living Longer Something to Taco-bout?”

  1. Shelagh says:

    Dino, I’m so grateful you are giving us such wonderful, delicious suggestions and recipes. I plan to try this one! It sounds tantalizing!!!

  2. Lani says:

    Sounds delicious! Will have to try. I’m assuming I can buy most of the products at Dorignacs.

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