In preparing meat-less meals for Lent here at Dorignac’s we know you have a very sophisticated palate, and the Dorignac’s family doesn’t take your palate lightly.

Dorignac’s challenged me to create a vegan lasagna recipe to add to your Lent menu that even your 100% Italian mother wouldn’t turn down and would come back for seconds. I taste tested this on many gastronomic savvy Italians, and their response was “Mamma Mia”. There’s not a stitch of animal products whatsoever, but you would never be able to tell. The creamy Miyako Mozzarella cheese melts beautifully, the seeds and seasons make the vegetables pop, sofrito sauce- see below, and oh, by the way, there are NO noodles, so those watching their carbohydrates this recipe is not only low carb….it’s delicious. It’s also chock full of vegetables, fiber, and plant pigments.

[ultimate-recipe id=”2962″ template=”default”]


[ultimate-recipe id=”2265″ template=”default”]

PS: We are still in the recipe challenge so I’m using the minimum 10 plant-based foods with 5 or more colorful vegetables rule of thumb.

2 responses to “Meat-less and Carb-less Lasagna”

  1. Eileen says:

    Reading this makes me very hungry! This recipe worthy of five star restaurant. Not surprising Diana. Will add these ingredients to my Dorignac’s list.

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