Is Health Wealth?

If you think so read on because I’ve got some investment news for you during this Lent season that will take you on the road to a “wealthier” life. Like any investment strategy, you would take time to read and contemplate the prospectus. Like most, you would choose to invest part of your resources into this investment, and the moment you start to see and feel the gains, you will probably choose to invest even more. The outcome of your investment can change your health.

In general, Lent is a time when we choose to eat fewer animal products…correct? But why just on Fridays? Why not lengthen Lent to go beyond Fridays and beyond Lent to see the benefits of your investment?

So here are some GIANT financially sound prospectuses on why someone would want to adopt a plant-based diet:

  1. Vegetarians are about 40% less likely to develop cancer than meat eaters.
  2. Four out of five Americans with cardiovascular disease (CVD) who switch to a healthy plant-based diet reverse their risk factors of CVD.
  3. Those who adopt a vegan diet and a healthy lifestyle can reverse atherosclerotic plaque forming in their arteries and may be able to opt for this lifestyle approach over quadruple bypass surgery.
  4. And now a randomized, crossover study shows that diabetics who adopt a vegan diet can improve insulin secretion and incretin hormones. FYI: When insulin and incretin are not secreted in adequate amounts in Type 2 Diabetics, this begins the cascade of destructive effects of high blood sugar. Furthermore, this study is backed up by another study done last year showing the same results but in overweight Type 2 Diabetics. The proof is pouring in with even more studies showing that vegan diets can reverse Type 2 Diabetes. With diabetes rising at an alarming rate in adults and children, we should take note of the power of investment in plant-based diets.



So here is your first prospectus. What investment strategies will you use this week? Will you start by replacing flaxseed meal and water for each egg in baking, replace your milk with almond milk, or replace your chicken and beef with Beyond Meat products?

In my thirty years of nutrition practice, I’ve talked to thousands of different types of vegetarians and they all started somewhere, such as Meatless Mondays. A few have raised their children vegan. If you’re starting to think about this plant-based investment for the first time, I always tell my clients when they’re making healthy changes in their diet that they don’t need to be perfect but we all need to keep trying.

Remember we have a recipe contest going on, so please submit your plant-based recipes.

Stay tuned.  I am conjuring up a recipe with Dorignac’s to give you something to taco ‘about. (Hint hint)

2 responses to “A PB (Rx) Prescription to Reverse Chronic Disease”

  1. Catherine Benoit says:

    I am trying to get my grandson to slim down, he is 2 yrs. old. Can we give him powered milk. Also what type of entrees for dinner?

    • Diana Davis, MEd, RDN, LDN, CFSP says:

      Hello Catherine

      I would double check with his pediatrician on my recommendation below, but powdered milk still has the same amino acid profile (ie protein) as liquid milk minus the fat. You could consider using an almond milk as an alternative.

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