Plants foods are the giants that will help you reach the land of lifestyle medicine where the outcome is health, and chronic diseases are a thing of the past. If you came to this land you would see all the signs (i.e., all of the scientific literature) that would direct you to sit and eat these giants as often as you could. So I am in the kitchen conjuring up these giant health-promoting plant-based meals for our Dorignac’s customers to help you celebrate the season of Lent.

From Our Aisles To Your Table

Within the next 40 plus days Diana, the Dorignac’s family and their F.A.M.E team members will be stocking more of these health giants to their aisles and onto your table. These health giants can be found throughout Dorignac’s with the label PB. The plant-based recipes will be available by download from the Better Health blog. Printed copies will also be available soon in the store. Stay tuned for more details.

Also, be sure to note that we are having a recipe contest for official plant-based recipes. The requisite however is that it must contain at least 10 or more plant-based foods that contain at least five or more colorful vegetables per meal (yes white counts). The winner will be chosen at the end of Lent, and will win a functional nutrition consultation with Diana.

Mom And Dad Were Right About Eating Your Veggies

Yes, your parents were absolutely correct to tell you to eat your vegetables. However, what your parents may not have done is provide enough of these health giants on your plate as well as change the protein source! Eating your vegetables does more than help you have good eyesight, become smarter, have stronger muscles and grow taller per Jack and the Bean Stalk. Perhaps you want to know more about the numerous benefits plant-based diets provide? The answers await.

In the world of 21st century nutrition medicine, we now know more clearly that eating A LOT more plant pigments (i.e., white, purple, blue, red, orange, yellow, black, brown), fiber and changing the protein sources from animal to plant-based proteins can favorably interact with our genes and the molecular machinery in our cells that turn the dial toward health and even turn around disease processes. For example, Dean Ornish, MD, a research cardiologist showed that eating a plant-based diet reversed atherosclerosis even in clogged arteries. In fact, Medicare now covers Ornish’s Lifestyle intervention which you can choose to elect over bypass surgery and it’s more effective. And listen up men, if you have a high PSA, Gleason Score and/or have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you will want to talk with your doctor about using plant-based medicine as an effective alternative to standardized treatment which often leaves men incontinent.

P-B’s Impact On Weight Loss, Heart Disease And More

If you want to lose weight whether you’re an adult or a child read on. We now know that feeding your body certain amino acids (i.e., the smallest molecules that make up protein) that are predominately found in anything that has eyes or comes from anything with eyes, can slow down your weight loss efforts. Or did you know that we have steak-loving microbes in your gut that may be promoting heart disease? Yes, that is right! Eating animal proteins (eggs, chicken, pork, beef, dairy, cheese) expose your gut bacteria to higher concentrations of certain amino acids. These meat-loving microbes “munch on” these amino acids and secrete a by-product called TMA (trimethylamine). Once TMA is absorbed into your blood it gets converted by the liver to another molecule called TMAO (trimethylamine N-oxide). From countless research, TMAO appears to be a putative promoter of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, colorectal cancer, and chronic kidney disease.  It may even turn pneumonia fatal, so listen up physicians; it may behoove you to treat even your patients who have respiratory infections with a plant-based diet.

TMA is naturally found in high levels of seafood. Overall, a high level of TMAO is largely dependent on animal and seafood protein in your diet, the health of your gut microbiome, the health of your liver and the capacity to excrete it through your kidneys, lungs and sweat. So it seems having very low levels of TMA is the way to go if you want to dodge chronic disease or change the trajectory of your chronic disease. It is important to note that some people have certain defects on their genes to begin with, so eating animal-based protein or seafood along with an unhealthy microbiome is the perfect storm for initiating cardiovascular disease. FYI, from the Framingham Heart Study, we know that cardiovascular disease generally starts at age 2.

Lower TMAO ASAP With P-B

So what is the bottom line? It would be best to decrease the production of TMAO in the first place by decreasing your animal or seafood protein in your diet and add a lot more delicious plant-based foods on your plate. But if you must eat your animal or seafood protein, I always encourage people to have some Kimchi or artesian made sauerkraut to support your gut microbiome during the meal. And here comes a couple of PLANT GIANT, g-whiz 21st century studies: Eating cruciferous vegetables (Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts) as well as supplementing your diet with Pistachios seems to turn on the lever so that TMA does not become TMAO. Now you can tell your children if they eat their broccoli and munch on some pistachios they will keep their arteries clean.

Now’s The Time To Enter The Land Of The Plant Giants

So, in the next 40-plus days, I hope you will challenge yourself to try some new plant foods, load these giants on your plate and in your smoothies, and have fun trying my vegan recipes, so we can walk into the Healthy Land of these plant giants together. In fact, I challenge you to start now. Why wait for Lent to start? Maybe you can go plant-based a few days a week even during Mardi Gras to get a jump start on your weight loss goals or other health goals.

Stay tuned. I’m conjuring up a delectable Vegan Chili with a Mardi Gras Coleslaw Salad for next week. Oh, and don’t forget to post your recipe entry in the comments below!

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