The Keto-Mediterranean Supper Club

It all started in 2018, when I decided I wanted to share my knowledge in nutrigenomics and skills in culinary medicine with my beloved deep south community. I’ve been practicing culinary medicine myself and wanted to inspire others. Procuring the right

Drop the Device and Lose Weight

The worldwide epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes are growing at an alarming rate, so I want to focus on a simple study in the Obesity Journal of Research about a “low-hanging-fruit” behavior that anyone can implement to lose

A Pompano Backed by Powerful Science

Many people who are following a ketogenic eating plan may feel some loss toward eating healthy, high fiber carbohydrates such as sweet potato, farrow, fava beans, lentils, peas, beans, a piece of an apple, an orange, etc. As a realist

Coconuts for your Mind

What’s the best “low-hanging-fruit” approach that will help you sharpen brain function and avoid cognitive decline or full-blown Alzheimer’s disease? Welcome to the Keto-Mediet approach! If you value sharp cognition and you’re noticing some cognitive slips and you are between

It’s a Miracle…Keto’s Impact on Type 2 Diabetes

Listen up folks with Type 2 diabetes! Do you want to lose weight, improve your blood lipids and cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, decrease your medication and stop giving yourself those insulin injections? We know those shots can’t be fun.

Are you a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner?

The Ketogenic Diet (KD) is here to stay. I can assure you it’s not a fad diet. What’s truly striking about the KD research within the last 15 years is the impressive track record for long-term success for obesity. So

The Keto Diet is Coming to Dorignac’s

Do you want to lose fat around your waistline? Stop your type 2 diabetes in its tracks? Reverse your insulin resistance (a precursor to type 2 diabetes)? Change your leptin resistance, which is the leading hormonal cause of weight loss

Is Living Longer Something to Taco-bout?

Lent is over but plant-based meals are here to stay. In fact with Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I have a recipe that will give you and your family something to taco-bout especially in light of the KIHD study

Meat-less and Carb-less Lasagna

In preparing meat-less meals for Lent here at Dorignac’s we know you have a very sophisticated palate, and the Dorignac’s family doesn’t take your palate lightly. Dorignac’s challenged me to create a vegan lasagna recipe to add to your Lent