Fe Fi Fo Fum…Who Says Plant-Based Diets are Ho-Hum?

Plants foods are the giants that will help you reach the land of lifestyle medicine where the outcome is health, and chronic disease are a thing of the past. If you came to this land you would see all the

Minding your Guests’ Microbiome with Delicious Holiday Sides

Just thinking about holiday meals with old time favorite recipes can make your salivary glands water, but truth be told, the after-effects of holiday meals often create so many unwanted gastro-intestinal challenges as well unwanted pounds that you swear it

High MAC Smoothie—Microbiome Root Glow

High MAC Smoothie—Microbiome Root Glow By Diana Davis, MEd, RDN, LDN, CFSP   Hopefully, after reading Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Gut Microbiome Trilogy, you are now rethinking how to plan your meals in order to feed your

Gut Microbiome Rehab: Diversity is Key

Increasing Your Gut Microbiota Diversity Your gut’s GPS navigation says take a right turn onto the superhighway to better health by increasing your gut microbiota (i.e. bacteria) diversity. The bacteria that make up our gut microbiome constitute 1-3 % of

Learn How to Create Recipes with a FAME Sense of Purpose

Cooking With a Purpose I love seeing how people create recipes out of a sense of health purpose. In my kitchen, a recipe has to be gastronomically delicious, but equally the foods used has to be selected and prepared in

Maintaining Your Gut-Fortress for Better Health

Maintaining Your Gut-Fortress for Better Health By Diana Davis, MEd, RDN, LDN, CFSP   Do you think about feeding your gut microbiome? Well if not, I’m back to connect the dots between your gut microbiome and your good health. We’ve

Gut Microbiome Trilogy

Build A Gut-Fortress For Better Health, Part 1 Let’s jump onto the Gut Health Bandwagon.  It could be by far one of KEY nutrition strategies to date to build a fortress for your better health. We have all heard the

The Science Behind Aging Well

An interview with Intelligent Aging Strategist Bryan Agurcia,conducted by Diana Davis 30 years ago while running in Audubon Park, I watched a very fit man, who looked well educated, walking deliberately barefoot on the soft ground under the oak trees.