Minding your Guests’ Microbiome with Delicious Holiday Sides

Just thinking about holiday meals with old time favorite recipes can make your salivary glands water, but truth be told, the after-effects of holiday meals often create so many unwanted gastro-intestinal challenges as well unwanted pounds that you swear it

Gut Microbiome Rehab: Diversity is Key

Increasing Your Gut Microbiota Diversity Your gut’s GPS navigation says take a right turn onto the superhighway to better health by increasing your gut microbiota (i.e. bacteria) diversity. The bacteria that make up our gut microbiome constitute 1-3 % of

Learn How to Create Recipes with a FAME Sense of Purpose

Cooking With a Purpose I love seeing how people create recipes out of a sense of health purpose. In my kitchen, a recipe has to be gastronomically delicious, but equally the foods used has to be selected and prepared in

The Mediterranean Diet Moves into the Hormesis Zone

How Do You Want to Age?  How do you want to age? Go ahead and ask yourself that question because it’s a question that many successful aging strategists (also known as bio-gerontologists) say we have increasing control over. Aside from

Better Health: Interview with Dr. Gordon Magonet

Setting the Scene Here is the scene. It’s lunch time at the East Jefferson General Hospital (EJGH) Family Medicine Residency Program and as I prepare to speak on the Micro-biome (See Health Push-In #1) and the current science on probiotics

What is Living a Life Without Disease Worth to You?

The Traditional Mediterranean Diet (TMD) has a plethora of amazing studies and randomized trials showing how a high adherence to this pattern of eating contributes to countless ways of dodging chronic health conditions and diseases. It can even benefit those

Mediterranean Bowl by the Sea

Can someone really fall in love with a diet? I have! Let me share just two reasons why you could fall in love with the Traditional Mediterranean Diet (TMD). Delicious? Oh definitely! Try the Mediterranean Bowl by the Sea. Yes,


So, I thought I’d start off this blog with a question. Ok, a few questions. 16 to be exact. Going through these 16 questions could improve your health in the most delicious way. Let’s get started…how many of these apply