Creamy Red Beans Vegan Style

On wash day or Monday in New Orleans, nothing tastes better than a bowl of creamy red beans and cauliflower rice topped with grilled Beyond Sausage. Yes, you heard me correct. I’ve perfected my recipe for the creamiest of beans without

40 days to Create Healthier Eating Habits

The word used for Lent in Greek is Tessarakonta; in Italian is Quaranta; in Spanish Cuarenta; in French Quarante’.  All imply ‘forty’. In English, the word ‘Lent’ means to ‘lengthen’. For me, there are many spiritual reasons to honor Lent, which is another

Fe Fi Fo Fum…Who Says Plant-Based Diets are Ho-Hum?

Plants foods are the giants that will help you reach the land of lifestyle medicine where the outcome is health, and chronic diseases are a thing of the past. If you came to this land you would see all the